How to Apply

To apply for admission you must complete a University of Regina application form, selecting Campion College as your campus/college of choice. The University of Regina handles all applications for admission.

Campion College staff is available to assist you at anytime throughout the admissions process. To schedule an appointment with an Enrolment Counsellor contact Mike Muma at (306) 359-1232 or (800) 667-7282, or email

To enroll as a Campion College student simply select Campion as your campus of choice on the U of R application form.

Application Forms:

Go to University of Regina Admissions to apply online. (Remember to select Campion College as your campus of choice) or complete the paper application form and submit to University of Regina Admissions office.

If you have already completed your University of Regina application form and would like to enrol through Campion for the upcoming semester, you can do so by simply contacting the UofR Admissions Office at 306-585-4591 and requesting to be registered as a Campion student.